What is IMAX?

IMAX is different from a normal theater. It is widescreen cinematography. IMAX lets you watch anything ten times greater than an original picture. If you are a daily  news addict hirek provides you with the basic everyday news regarding different aspects of an IMAX.

The difference between a normal screen and an IMAX screen

According to http://hirek.tv/, an article shows the difference between an IMAX screen and a normal screen. The article says that if anyone visits to watch a motion picture  on an IMAX, it sometimes happens that you pay a certainly lesser amount of money as compared to a real IMAX. But, you end up  watching on a normal screen that is not an IMAX screen in original terms. On the contrary, when you visit an IMAX, actually a true IMAX you will have to pay five to six bucks as a premium.


The article also tells that a true IMAX screen 97’ broad and 76’ high. And, a smaller IMAX screen dimensions are not much different from a normal cinema screen that is 58’ broad and 28’ high. You can’t really distinguish between a real IMAX and a normal screen prior to the ticket booking. And, hence your IMAX experience is usually a not so satisfying one.

Hirek.tv asks its readers to investigate about the theater before booking an IMAX ticket for themselves. This will probably lead to a better experience, and you won’t lead to disappointment.

So, if you were also planning an IMAX experience, you better know what you have to take care of. Make sure you don’t end up sitting in a fake Imax theater. Try to research in a proper manner and have a good experience of watching on a huge screen. It is a different experience after all.